Upcoming Meeting 4 November, 2013

Next meeting of Glorach Theatre Group is scheduled for Monday 4 November 2013 at 7.30pm at the Cliabhán, Glorach Park, Abbeyfeale.

Glorach Youth Theatre Christmas show, preparation for same and forward planning to include financial management and discussion on the position of president of the group as the guardian of the constitution and a date when the constitution will come into force are among some of the items to be discussed at this meeting.

Constitution Adopted

On Tuesday 29th October at the Cliabhán, Glorach Park, Abbeyfeale a meeting was called to adopt a constitution as a current operating guide for the Glorach Theatre group.  Members from  the Glorach Theatre group, the Glorach Youth Theatre and members of the public were present.

The Chairperson Mary Healy was in the chair and the minutes were recorded by the Secretary Mary Smith.  The constitution was tabled and discussed in detail.  At the conclusion of the debate the motion to adopt was put to the house, proposed and seconded and was carried unanimously.